executive facilitation and coaching

Quintessence Dimension Five offers tailor designed executive facilitation and coaching programmes designed to impact at the individual, team and organisational level to unleash the hidden potential of individuals to maximise their personal performance.

At Quintessence Dimension Five we can tailor a coaching program to meet your needs whether individual or organisational. The coaching process aims to improve the quality of an individual’s working and personal life and thereby contributing to organisational effectiveness.

Services we provide include:

  Customised facilitation of executive team activities

Customised coaching services for individuals and teams

  Internal coaching programmes to assist organisations to develop their own coaching capability and culture
  Collaboration with organisations to develop and align strategy to drive Culture Transformation

There are three main parts of our coaching programmes:



Setting goals

Taking actions to bring about sustainable behaviour change
Reflecting to make sense of these changes in terms of new understandings, initial individual goals, desired organisational results and long-term, personal potential.

Our consultants are accredited in DiSC® and Life Styles Inventory (LSI).

As the pace of the world increases so does the demand on our time. Being more effective with how we manage our time is becoming the number one behaviour in high performance today.

Through some of the world’s leading diagnostic instruments and facilitated coaching Quintessence Dimension Five helps our clients to specifically identify the opportunity areas for development. We deliver customised coaching to your most important asset - your people.

Quintessence Dimension Five uses the DiSC® tool in our consulting work. The model DiSC® measures behaviour and provides non-judgmental language for exploring behavioural issues across the following four primary dimensions:

  Dominance Direct and Decisive
Influence Optimistic and Outgoing
Steadiness Sympathetic and Co-operative
Conscientiousness Concerned and Correct

contact us to discuss your needs and allow one of our consultants to
prepare a proposal and design a solution for your needs.


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