culture transformation

In the ever changing world of today, businesses and other organisations have to react at minimum keep pace or preferably proactively lead the way if they are to sustain their own viability.

Quintessence Dimension Five offers tailor designed programmes to transform how individuals think and behave using Disc® and Life Styles Inventory (LSI).

The DiSC® model measures behaviour and provides non-judgmental language for exploring behavioural issues across the following four primary dimensions:

  Dominance Direct and Decisive
Influence Optimistic and Outgoing
Steadiness Sympathetic and Co-operative
Conscientiousness Concerned and Correct

The Life Styles Inventory (LSI) identifies the underlying thoughts and motivations that guide an individual's behaviour. It is often referred to as a combination of personal styles, management styles and leadership styles that combined influence an individual’s effectiveness.

When individuals use and lead with a balance of people and task-related concerns they are better able to attain organisational goals through the development of people. Using the constructive styles explains why certain individuals, groups and organisations are particularly effective in terms of performance, growth and work quality. There is research to prove that organisations which have a constructive profile are more profitable.

Our programmes ensure the culture values of your organisation will improve your financial results

Quintessence Dimension Five has programmes designed to develop organisations that are positive and productive places to work, where leaders provide real leadership and individuals see that their personal effort really makes a difference.

Our consultants can help your organisation to leverage to break through to new levels of performance.

contact us to discuss your needs and allow one of our consultants to
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